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Welcome To Cirflex Technology


Cirflex Technology provides a consultancy service to all high-tech industries, and in particular the electronics interconnection and packaging industry, and specializes in printed circuit and flexible circuit technologies.

Our services include:

  1. Marketing and Sales Management
  2. Business Development programmes
  3. Project Management & Coordination
  4. R & D projects and technology transfers

Our specialities include:

  1. Electronic interconnection and packaging
  2. Flexible circuits
  3. HDI (high density interconnect) printed circuits boards
  4. Embedded passive components

Cirflex Technology can offer real benefits to your business - from major blue-chip plc's to SME's and business start-ups. Working alongside you, a quality partnership ensures we exceed your expectations.

Cirflex Technology provides results orientated hands-on approach; we supplement and complement your existing management team, providing support with strategic, tactical and project-to-project expertise.

Many organisations have urgent management problems, whose reasons may not always be clear. There may be a need to increase sales, improve financial performance and outperform competitors. Alternatively, you may wish to adopt a pro-active management approach, to improve business efficiency or increase market share. In short, improve your existing situation.

Cirflex Technology has continually benefited many organisations through providing specialist skills and knowledge, intensive professional help on a temporary basis, impartial review, and providing essential management information and data for business decision - and supported their implementation.

Experienced and qualified professionals staff Cirflex Technology. With offices in the UK and USA, and with additional associates in mainland Europe and the Far East, we offer a truly international presence and knowledge of 'local' business opportunities and cultures.

Our Mission

The principle lines of business of Cirflex Technology is conducting marketing and sales management programmes, project management and coordination, supporting exploitation of new technologies and technology transfer, business development including strategic alliances and acquisitions, interim management & additional management and technical services.

Our particular areas of expertise encompass high technologies industries including electronic interconnection and packaging, and in particular flexible circuit and HDI (high density interconnect) printed circuit board technologies and market sectors. In addition, we are experienced in "turnkey"/startup project management and in structuring strategic, international business relationships with and between entities with common business objectives and complimentary and/or supplementary resources. We have structured these relationships with entities in Europe, Asia the United States.

Cirflex Technology welcomes the opportunity to describe and discuss how our network of international associates may be of benefit to companies with current or developing international marketing / sales / business opportunities.

Company Profile

Formed in 1986, Cirflex Technology has provided a global service to many high-tech organisations, in particular those involved or associated with electronic interconnection and packaging. Staffed by qualified and experienced professionals Cirflex Technology has exceptional experience within the electronics and high technology markets including the PCB (printed circuit board) and flexible circuit sectors.

Cirflex Technology, together with its US associated organisation, Eclectic Technologies, Inc., has provided real benefits to many organizations throughout the world in the field of electronic interconnection and packaging. With offices in the UK and U.S.A. and with associates in the Far East, we offer an international presence and knowledge of local business opportunities.

Cirflex Technology

Tel: +44 (0)1245 443193


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