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Project Management

Cirflex Technology Project Management and Coordination

Specialising in:

  1. Project management and coordination
  2. Planning, tracking and communication
  3. Task and resource management
  4. Scheduling and budgetary control
  5. Experienced with proposals for UK and EU funding programmes
  6. Single partner projects to multinational collaborative programmes including formation of consortium

The principle staff of Cirflex Technology have undertaken Project Management and Co-ordination roles for R & D programmes both in the UK, and pan-European collaborative Projects supported by the European Commission. This has included preparation and submission of Proposals, establishment of work programmes, regular monitoring, reporting & compilation of management & technical reports.

We have also been involved with several organizations considering new circuit manufacturing facilities that will utilize new materials and process technologies.

In these "turnkey" projects Cirflex Technology offers the following services:

  1. Facilities planning
  2. Equipment specification
  3. Plant site and services specifications
  4. Plant site preparation
  5. Management and staffing specifications
  6. Equipment procurement
  7. Equipment installation
  8. Management and staff selection and training
  9. Preparation of processing and quality standards and procedures
  10. Plant commissioning/startup
  11. Full production management
  12. Sales management
  13. Developing a business plan including financials
  14. Potential sources of funding

Cirflex Technology
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