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Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing strategies

Cirflex Technology has wide experience with conducting marketing and sales programmes for products and services including capital equipment, electronic components, materials, and training / academic courses. A typical programme may include the following:

Market Research

  1. Market Demand - By market segment, technology
  2. Key market participants - Customers - Competitors
  3. Barriers to entry - Qualification requirements
  4. State-of-Art

Market Development & Introduction

  1. Sales and marketing strategies

Marketing and Sales Management

  1. Direct Sales

Product Qualification

  1. Test & Evaluation Programmes

Industry Presence

  1. Trade Federations etc.

Market Intelligence

  1. Ongoing Monitoring

Regular Report and Forecasts

Cirflex Technology can offer US and European market penetration and has a network of agents worldwide.

Cirflex Technology can undertake client specific programs to enable an organization to develop and implement strategy and plans for entry into the marketplace based on understanding current and future customer requirements. Each program is developed and agreed with our clients and is specific to their particular needs. The following is an example of a typical program.

Cirflex Technology accomplishes the following specific objectives:

Current market status

  1. State of the art
    Determine, characterize and compare current and developing technologies including competitive technologies.
  2. Costs
    Determine the costs of client products and / or services. Determine and compare the costs of equivalent and competitive products

Current and developing performance requirements.
Determine current and developing customer performance requirements and compare against current and developing capabilities.

Barriers to entry.
Determine a) product qualification requirements, b) sales requirements and c) service requirements for market entry.

Market potential.
Prepare a market forecast by demand.

Develop market development and introduction plans.
Develop a market development and introduction plan. Prepare a Business Plan and a Sales Plan.

Implement market development and introduction plans.

  1. Conduct qualification programs.
  2. Create channels of distribution
  3. Establish the field sales network.
  4. Establish the field service network.
  5. Implement the Sales Plan.

Program management.
Manage ongoing sales, distribution and field service programmes.

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